Serious baby talks

During my last pool session with Ella and Luca, both had a great discussion during a break! I would love to put words into this picture… tell me your thoughts, what would you like to hear them say here?

Splash calendar 2011

Last year we started to print a calendar for the dive shop.It was handed out to lots of customers. It was a big A3 sized wall calendar with dark background. We got lots of positive feedback so it was an easy decision to go for a 2011 edition. Last year I focused on macro photography, …

Wallpaper February 2010

Time to change your wallpaper! Here some memories from Balicasag Island, Philippines. What a fabulous feeling to move close and in between this school of jacks. I can’t wait to get back there in a month! download 1280 x 905 download 1440 x 1019 download 1600 x 1132 download 1660 x 1188