Photo Expo in Luxembourg City

Rumi – “Don’t wait any longer. Dive in the ocean, Leave and let the sea be you.” If you happen to stroll through Luxembourg-City you might get a glimpse on a small expo on some of my Underwater photography work. Eight images are exposed at Optique Rodenbourg. Si vous vous promenez à Luxembourg -Ville vous …

Wall of Sound & Light

I’ve just come back from this great show in Esch-sur-Sure. A vivid, colourful projection of crazy shapes and patterns on the wall of the dam. This wall is 200m large and 45m high. What a screen and what a setting! All this came with wonderful music played live on spot. Watch for yourself!

Of shades and shadows – Underwater nudes

“When I began to photograph nudes, I let myself be guided by this camera, and instead of photographing what I saw, I photographed what the camera was seeing. I interfered very little, and the lens produced anatomical images and shapes which my eyes had never observed.” (Bill Brandt, photographer) Shooting nudes underwater is new to …

Serious baby talks

During my last pool session with Ella and Luca, both had a great discussion during a break! I would love to put words into this picture… tell me your thoughts, what would you like to hear them say here?