The StarLink train

Another batch if about 60 satellites has been put into orbit around earth. Here comes a small time-lapse of this strange convoy in the night sky. If you want to check out when you can see it .. or when it will ruin your star-trail shooting, look it up here : www.

A day in the wild with the huskies

Engholm Husky Lodge has kept all its promises! We came here with high expectations and they were all met. No, even better : the whole two-legged and four-legged team was able to surprise as even more. The setting is fabulous, a Winter dream! Despite the frosty -30C to -38C we were warmly welcomed. Anyway the …

Diving into another Universe

The Three P resort in Romblon is known for it’s Blackwater diving. On these night dives you hang out over the deep ocean with bright lights in order to attract alien critters coming from the deeper waters up to the light. In preparation to this we did a bonfire dive. These dives follow the same …

A day in Cologne

Some impressions from a short trip to Cologne. Before and after the Katy Perry concert I wandered through the centre of this amazing city. The Hohenzoller bridge is one of the many attractions with all its padlocks. From the bridge you have nice views on the Rhine river Here some more views The train station …

Norway’s Lady Aurora

Here are some impressions of our Northern Lights experience in Norway last month You cannot rob me of free nature’s grace, You cannot shut the windows of the sky Through which Aurora shows her brightening face. JAMES THOMSON, Castle of Indolence