Mirror games


Some impressions of a creative installation by photographer friend Jessica Theis. This installation takes place in the frame of Esch2022 – Esch-sur-Alzette European capital of culture.

You can find all the selfies taken in these installations on instagram @spiegleinspiegleinmiroirmiroir

Lembeh – Day One

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Today was our first 3 tank diving day in Lembeh with Diver’s Lodge Lembeh.
I’ll try during the next days to post one of the pictures I specially like and tell you why.
So here’s the first one : a hairy frogfish
I love these fish. They have an ever amazing expression on their face. There are plenty around here. 🙂


My 2013 table calendar

calendar, diving, underwater

Tomorrow my 2013 calendar is going to be sent to print. It will be an A5 format table calendar .

Special Pre-order price will be 15.-€ (excluding postage).

Feel free to order right now 🙂

Check out the pre-view :

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