Venus and Jupiter….and the moon

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Last month two planets were moving closer to each other every day. It was easy to watch them as Venus and Jupiter were the first stars to be seen in the early night sky to the West.

On June 17 this was what I get through the clouds.

Venus and Jupiter-0710-2

Jupiter and Venus on June 17

On June 19 the moon came to play with the 2 stars building a nice triangle from June 19 to 20. Unfortunately the weather conditions didn’t allow me to witness this.

I got my next view on the stars on June 21

venus & Jupiter-0802

On June 22, I was out again. You can see the the moon started to move away from the two planets.

June 30 was the day where the two planets got closest to each other. Have a look!

You can still see this phenomenon as the two stars slowly move apart . Just lift your head towards the West at nightfall and yoll see two bright dots in the sky.

You’ll also able to see the BIg Dipper, like here high above the tree

venus & Jupiter-0971

or great moon scapes

venus & Jupiter-0957

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