East of Dettifoss

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We first visited the east side of Dettifoss. The road is bumpier and there are less visitors. As we arrived in the evening we had the falls almost to ourselves.

From the carpark you first arrive at powerful Dettifoss. Even if you don’t see the waterfall you hear the majestic sound it creates.

A shirt walk upriver brings you to the beautiful Selfoss waterfall. A long water curtain

On the way back to the carpark we were facing this magical sunset over the gorge

The Belvedere

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“The Poetry of Earth is never dead.”- John Keats (On the Grasshopper an the Cricket)

The title says it all : Belvedere.

From Latin bellus meaning beautiful and  vedere  “to see .

These images are taken at the newly built belvedere at the Burfelt Forest Discovery Centre

in the Upper Sure National Park.

All images ©2017 Mona Dienhart

Luxembourg -HDR LandScapes

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For weeks on end the sky was grey and a thick layer of snow covered the countryside. Last Sunday it changed to a blue sky and bright sunlight. That was the moment to get out with a camera and enjoy the sun beams. I availed myself of the opportunity of trying my hand at HDR photography. The bright sky on one hand and the waterfall in the shadow on the other provided the ideal facility.
The amazing evening colours reminded me of my penchant for cold winter sunsets. The lights are intense and range from deep blue to burning red. A phenomenon hardly witnessed during the warmer summer time.

Winterglowtwilight treein the fieldBlue hourperfect mirorlonesome
flowdamtwist and twirl