Norway’s Lady Aurora

Here are some impressions of our Northern Lights experience in Norway last month You cannot rob me of free nature’s grace, You cannot shut the windows of the sky Through which Aurora shows her brightening face. JAMES THOMSON, Castle of Indolence

Snow cristals

Nature is an Artist. It’s sunny out here but the temperature hovers at -9°C. Here are some details on the snow in my garden. All images are taken with RRM technique (reverse ring macro). Can you feel the crisp ? All images ©2017 Mona Dienhart

Winter Wonder Landscapes

Some images of my night stroll through the woods. Even though we only had a half moon it enlightened the snow covered trees in a magic light. The white powder reflected like uncountable diamonds. It was great to brave the freezing cold elements 🙂

Perfect moment-Ice Age

Today I decided to have a walk out there in the sunny yet frosty Upper Sure NP. Temperatures were still at -8°C  in plain sunlight at 2 pm! On top of that a Siberian breeze inflicted a -20°C “real feel”! Although covered in  thick and warm clothes my nose was quickly frozen as were my …