Snow cristals

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Nature is an Artist. It’s sunny out here but the temperature hovers at -9°C. Here are some details on the snow in my garden. All images are taken with RRM technique (reverse ring macro). Can you feel the crisp ?

All images ©2017 Mona Dienhart

Winter Wonder Landscapes

night phtography, Photography

Some images of my night stroll through the woods. Even though we only had a half moon it enlightened the snow covered trees in a magic light. The white powder reflected like uncountable diamonds. It was great to brave the freezing cold elements 🙂

Perfect moment-Ice Age

perfect moments

Today I decided to have a walk out there in the sunny yet frosty Upper Sure NP. Temperatures were still at -8°C  in plain sunlight at 2 pm! On top of that a Siberian breeze inflicted a -20°C “real feel”! Although covered in  thick and warm clothes my nose was quickly frozen as were my fingers while I was taking photos with my eye-phone. Nevertheless I enjoyed the bright sunbeams and the icy oxygen provided by the winds. In short I felt ALIVE!

Some lonesome boats in the woods

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