Fairy tale lake

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Today I was diving one of the most amazing spots I’ve ever seen! It was like diving in a fairy tale! The Samaranger See is known for its limitless visibilty. It is a small lake  and divers are limited to 4 at one time together in the lake. On top of that you need to have at least 100 logged dives in your logbook to access the place. Ah yes, did I mention that you only have access if you stay at least 2 nights in the owner’s hotel?

All I can tell you is that it is worth all this!

When you enter the 8C water you quickly come to see tree trunks which have fallen into the lake. Everything is covered in a whitish  thick algae carpet. Touching is strickly forbidden. Watch your buoyancy!!!

Well enough words, see by yourself…

Chris inspecting the place

the famous one...

searching for the sun

trees below and above


The weirdest dive ever!!!


Today we arrived in Austria at the Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee and had our first 2 dives in the Fernsteinsee.

The spot is known for its incredible visibility, which we could witness on our first dive in 10 C waters



But the second dive was all different. Due to heavy rain the water was mixed up like in a fairy tale. The first meter below the surface was still clear and below was …the fog!

See by yourself :

Chris vanishes in the mist…

A lonesome tree …

…just above the abyss.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. We still have the Samaranger lake and the Blindsee to dive…and we have to taste all this yummie Austrian desserts 🙂