more fairy tale diving

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Today again we had a dive in Samarangersee. The sun was with us which gave us the opportunity to play with the sunbeams….a never ending story…

In the sunniest part of the lake the white algae carpet seems to be even thicker. It makes you think of some melted material which had glided over the trees …ages ago

In some parts, green dots lighten up the monotone whitish colour.

Wherever you raise your head you see the trees surrounding the lake bathing in bright sunlight.

We kept to the fairy tale idea and decided to spent the afternoon in Neuschwanstein castle which is only one hour drive away. We ended up in a real tourist industry village. actually there are up to 6000 visitors daily who want to visit king Ludwig II’s retreat.

Disney’s Sleeping beauty must be awake for a long time since… 🙂

Note : all pics are unprocessed.Well it’s holiday time and I’m lazy 🙂

Fairy tale lake

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Today I was diving one of the most amazing spots I’ve ever seen! It was like diving in a fairy tale! The Samaranger See is known for its limitless visibilty. It is a small lake  and divers are limited to 4 at one time together in the lake. On top of that you need to have at least 100 logged dives in your logbook to access the place. Ah yes, did I mention that you only have access if you stay at least 2 nights in the owner’s hotel?

All I can tell you is that it is worth all this!

When you enter the 8C water you quickly come to see tree trunks which have fallen into the lake. Everything is covered in a whitish  thick algae carpet. Touching is strickly forbidden. Watch your buoyancy!!!

Well enough words, see by yourself…

Chris inspecting the place

the famous one...

searching for the sun

trees below and above