A stormy night at the Museum


Strong winds were blowing last night. Nasty for some but I consider that the wind is an artist. The Three Acorns Park (Parc des Trois Glands) in the Kirchberg business district, stretches behind the Philharmonie, the Mudam Museum of Modern Art and Fort Thüngen. A panoramic view over the old town, combines modernity and history.
Better quality images here on flickr : https://flic.kr/s/aHskpmdYMs

Indonesia – Donggala by Chris

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Finally all of Chris’ pictures have been processed and are finally uploaded to flickr. He kept exclusively to his macro lens so enjoy the tiny gems living around Prince John Dive Resort near Palu in Western Sulawesi

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Via Flickr:

2 weeks diving at Prince John Dive Resort near Palu, Western Sulawesi