Perfect moments…

perfect moments

When I’m scrolling through the photos I took over the years many fond memories are coming back into my mind. Perfect moments…

Some really stand out and it’s almost impossible to describe the feelings I had at that moment even though the feelings are still as strong as they were at the moment I took the picture. The word which I like a lot and comes closest to it in English is the word bliss : a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss (Wikipedia).

I decided to upload a picture and its story on a regular basis here.

This week’s perfect moment is from our trip to Myanmar (Burma) in 2003. Our guide did his best to find the perfect place for a sunset around the ancient city of Bagan southwest of Mandalay. He first chose one of the guidebooks’ favourites and we climbed up. The view was breathtaking but the number of tourists wandering around in order to find the perfect spot for the perfect shot made my hair stand on end. There was no way to enjoy that moment to the full. When we told our guide about our feelings he gave some thought about the situation and smiled : “I might have a place for you but I’m not sure. Come quick!”

We went down as fast as possible through the still growing crowd and jumped in his car as the sun started its descent. He drove us to another smaller ruin with no people around. The place didn’t catch the eye, but it was not the place itself which was important but the view we would have…in peace and silence.

As we arrived on top only a handful people were sitting there contemplating the view… Yes, that’s it!

Our guide was relieved! Why? The sun only appears at a certain time of the year in that constellation, that close to the ruins, almost “rolling” down. Sometimes it’s far away and sometimes the ruin (the one we were standing on minutes earlier) completely hides the sun. But it was our lucky day…and a perfect moment!

Let’s pray

My Point of View

What will happen next? Thisis the question which goes though my mind everytime I get news from Burma. In my 3 weeks stay there in 2003 I only got a glimpse of this regime, as they have propaganda on TV all the time.
But I have real great memories with the Burmese people trying to make their living in their country. And every now and then you hear a whisper : “Do you know our Lady?” Yes, Aung San Suu Ki is called the Lady, more than a symbol, a mother, a leader who dvoted her intire life to the freedom of her country, leaving her beloved ones far away in England.
I would be time by now to open up, to let go, but I fear the junta doesn’t want to give a away a sole part of their power.
…so let’s pray, that’s all we can do
praying woman in Rangoon