Let’s pray

My Point of View

What will happen next? Thisis the question which goes though my mind everytime I get news from Burma. In my 3 weeks stay there in 2003 I only got a glimpse of this regime, as they have propaganda on TV all the time.
But I have real great memories with the Burmese people trying to make their living in their country. And every now and then you hear a whisper : “Do you know our Lady?” Yes, Aung San Suu Ki is called the Lady, more than a symbol, a mother, a leader who dvoted her intire life to the freedom of her country, leaving her beloved ones far away in England.
I would be time by now to open up, to let go, but I fear the junta doesn’t want to give a away a sole part of their power.
…so let’s pray, that’s all we can do
praying woman in Rangoon