One last perfect day on Selayar!

perfect moments, Travels, underwater

After a couple of “wet” and cloudy days we were happy to see the sun rise on our last diving day! Some of us were up at 6 AM for an early morning dive.

It was just amazing to see the sun getting gradually higher up in the sky during the dive!! It was definitely the dive where I took most pleasure to shoot wide angle. (Pictures coming soon)

At the end of the dive the sun was up high…

During our whole stay workers were busy building the sunset deck at the end of the jetty. As you face East and witness amazing sunrises, and  jetty enables guests to sunbathe longer in the afternoons and have a refreshing drink in the evenings. There will never be sunsets BUT if you are there on the right moment you can witness a full moon rise over the sea…

So yesterday on our last evening all the guests gathered with their Bintang beer on the half finished sun deck and watched the moon rise .

It was just the perfect last evening…



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