Deep down on Gili Raja Wreck

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The Gili Raja wreck is approximately 90-meters long and lies for  60 years on its side at a depth 35m and 50m. It is beautifully y overgrown with soft corals. The site is almost pristine as only a handful of divers are able to dive here given the depth.

I had the chance to dive this beauty with the Prince John Dive Resort and will be diving there again in November.


Underwater sunbeams

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“Turn your face to the sun and all the shadows will fall behind you”

When I switch from my macro lens to the fisheye lens it is mainly to play with the sun. It’s a tricky game where the direct “face to face” is difficult but when you succeed the images are just displaying the beauty and power of Nature.

Sulawesi indonesia 2013
Depending on your angle, the position of the sun and your depth you’ll get different results .

Sunbeams over a coral reef…Sulawesi indonesia 2013
…or a sun-ball lightening up the way for an unusual threesome Sulawesi indonesia 2013

Here some more samples from my recent trip :

Flower Power Dive

diving, perfect moments, Photography, sulawesi, Travels

Last April we spent 2 weeks diving at the Prince John Dive Resort. Everything was great, the staff was really helpful and nice. The atmosphere was fun and easy-going!

At one point comes the moment when you prepare for your last dive. Always a moment of mixed feelings:happy to go diving but totally aware that it is the last dive before returning home.

Well the staff at Prince John found a great way to make this last dive a really special one ! You will do a Flower dive 🙂

Now I can already imagine some of you wondering. A Flower dive? Well the divemasters collect some beautiful flowers from the garden and attach them to your tank and regulator hose.

Men and women alike then walk fully covered in flowers into the water. No need to say that  the locals watch you with a bright smile.

Sometimes it doesn’t need much time nor money to make people feel special.

Thank you for that Alex, Dedi, Moh Amin, Gunawan and Nasrun


Watch by yourself!