Ready for Selayar

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On Saturday morning we will board the plane to Amsterdam and then onwards to Jakarta. After a short night we take an early morning flight to Makassar. Almost done then 🙂 . Only 4 more hours by van and 2,5 by speedboat before settling down at the Selayar Dive Resort!  I can hear some of you already say: No way, too long !

Well, let me tell you then …

That this will be our room view for 2weeks…

or well this one on the left hand side…

…and this will be the daily passage

to some amazing wall diving














and an infintiy of tiny jewels

It will also be 2 weeks with no internet nor cell phone network, no radio nor TV!
There will be plenty of time to meet new people, real faces with smiles and wrinkles! No interference with Google, Facebook or Twitter 🙂
Even though I love my “virtual” friends on the web, I’ll be happy to leave you behind…

2 thoughts on “Ready for Selayar

  1. Is your Twitter account related to your blog content? If so, what is the link? I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and love it. As a fellow diver it makes me very happy.



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