Wallpaper December 2008

underwater, Wallpapers

I know this comes quite late, but I completely forgot about this while on holidays and busy diving.

This month’s wallpaper is underwater again. It’s a wide angle shot from a dive site called Lion’s head or Batu Pendata in Northern Sulawesi. The Pulisan area is still quite off the beaten track if you compare to  it’s busy neighbours : Bunaken NP and Lembeh Strait.

What I personally like in this shot is that the rock in the background has almost the same shape than the sponge, like a shadow.

Upon entering the water we were surrounded by zillions of schooling fish. A huge Napolean wrasse took a glimpse at us before he disappeared in the blue…

Only one word to resume it all : BAGUS

Here are the links to download :

1280 x 1024

1600 x 1200

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