Paradise wrapped in plastic

My Point of View

I spent 2 wonderful weeks diving the reefs in Raja Ampat last November. West Papua has since long been high up on my wish list. I love travelling to remote places, leave every day comfort behind and get in touch with Nature and the people living in these places.

It’s pure magic to witness the first glimpse of light in the wee hours of the morning and the golden sunbeams in the afternoon…

Cruising through the labyrinth of small islands, entering the famous Passage is pure food for all our senses !

Fam islands

The Passage


Having a coffee or/and lunch break on a white sandy beach comes sooner or later into your mind. The boat gets closer to the beach and you disembark the food..

You look forward to a perfect moment in this perfect picture…but then reality gets you, right away, without a warning! You stand on the beach and you rub your eyes as if you still can’t believe what you see…

The whole beach is covered in rubbish, plastic sandals, bottles, brushes, scatters and boxes of any kind. You are miles away from the next village, hours away from the next city…

My appetite for the delicious food faded away instantly

Off to the Philippines

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I waited for this moment since I’m back from my Sulawesi trip 🙂

Tomorrow morning I will board the plane in Frankfurt with a party of 10 people for a 16 day trip to the Visayas.

We’ll spent our time in Moalboal, Alona and finally around Dauin. I have great memories from 2 former trips in 2003 and 2005.

I’ll keep you updated and will post some pics if internet connections allow it.


busy Alona Beach

Wallpaper April


Time passes quickly. A lot of my friends will soon leave to warmer waters to enjoy colourful reefs and sunbathing on the beach. I dedicate this wallpaper to all of you who are counting the days…

Just put your feet on this jetty and walk until its end.  Happy travels, may it be for real or in your dreams…

wallpaper april

 Download here with a simple click(1024 x 768)