A day in the wild with the huskies

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Engholm Husky Lodge has kept all its promises! We came here with high expectations and they were all met. No, even better : the whole two-legged and four-legged team was able to surprise as even more. The setting is fabulous, a Winter dream! Despite the frosty -30C to -38C we were warmly welcomed. Anyway the dogs have this look and behaviour which makes you melt despite the icy temperatures.

We got unbelievable light conditions : a never ending golden hour followed by a surreal blue hour with tones from pink to deep blue to end with a crazy green dancing Aurora with a zillions of stars as backdrop.

Here is a small video with the dogs out in the wild. Enjoy!

Diving into another Universe


The Three P resort in Romblon is known for it’s Blackwater diving. On these night dives you hang out over the deep ocean with bright lights in order to attract alien critters coming from the deeper waters up to the light.

In preparation to this we did a bonfire dive. These dives follow the same procedure but are made in shallower parts.