Fresh water diving


We had a trip to Germany close to Aachen to have a couple of dives in the Blausteinsee. This lake is overcrowded with American crayfish which grow to a phenomenal size. The place was quite empty as on August 15 the germans have to work and we do have a national bank holiday. Upon entry you come quickly across the masters of the lake


The lake contains some wrecks of different origins as bikes, X-mas trees, boats, ovens, etc. The visibility is good with an average of 4-6 m and it is quite clear, no need for a lamp. But on the other hand if you go deeper than 12 m it gets f***ing cold. The temperature is around 7°C at 24 m .
sunplayBut in the shallow you can see the sun burst through the surface into the wood. And temperature reaises to a comfortably 17°C. This is an ideal place for beginners and more experienced divers alike. A  good place to go diving while waiting for the days to pass and making the waiting for the real holidays in Indonesia tolerable.

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