Photo of the Day – July 20

Photo of the day

The golden rock, Burma

We should have been taking this photo at dusk, a nice sunset shot!
But let me starting at the beginning. We arrived at the guesthouse at around 3 pm.  From there no way to go up to the Golden Rock by car. We went to tje “bus” stop and waited for the truck to fill up with passengers as it only leaves when completely full. The following 2 hours we got to know everybody on the truck…
We finally arrived on top at 7.30 pm. Hundreds of people walked around, prayed,lightened candles . The atmosphere was wonderful, peaceful…
This Golden rock is a huge stone on the edge of a mountain. A single hair from Buddha keeps the rock in place. Equilibrum!

At 9.30 pm after a meal in one of the eateries we started our walk back to town . As no more trucks run at night we walked back to the village. 16 km under a full moon in the middle of nowhere in Burma !
Wee finally arrived at the guesthouse at 2 am . Tired indeed but happy about the misssed sunset!

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