Perfect moment : winning a gold medal in UWP contest

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well today I will tell you about a perfect moment which is happening now as I try to write 🙂

I take part in the UWP contest for a couple of years but only did so more seriously since last year. Last December, 3 of my images went into the finals, one in the freshwater, one in the wide angle with diver and one in the Macro nudibranch category.

These were great news. And finally today we got the results! And guess what?

I am winning the Gold medal in the Macro Nudibranch category with my image “Golden”

Gold Medal in Macro Nudibranch category

To my great surprise my freshwater shot placed as Runner Up as well 🙂

Runner Up in Freshwater category

When I’m in the water and taking photos I don’t think about competitions and medals. I enjoy that moment which enables me to get a close look into a world which is unknown for a lot of humans. I can’t believe that your photos are getting better if you have the ambition of competition in your mind. So I will go on taking pictures just because I love being in that wet world, below the surface, face to face to a wonderfully different world!

I’m happy to see so many familiar names in the winners’ list. Congratulations to all of you! I hope that you have your own personal “perfect moment” as well today!

You can find all the winners here : Underwater Photo medal winners