On the go-anyone fancy an ice dive?

Photo of the day

After work I had a glimpse at the Upper Sure lake. This drinking water reservoir is our one and only dive spot in tiny landlocked Luxembourg. Due to the changing water level ice diving is not often possible. The negative temperatures over the last days made me curious.
And guess what? Ice formation started in several parts. So I may have the opportunity to get under the ice soon. Any volunteers? Come on! Water is warmer than air right now!


Komodo : drifting away

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Diving in Komodo can’t really be explained. You have to witness it by yourself. Feeling the strength of the current in your face!

Trying to keep hold to  your camera  🙂

Diving through a bowl of fish soup!

It is simply breathtaking, in every sense of the word!

The best is to give away some pictures all straight from the camera to give you an idea :

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D -12 : Philippines !

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D -12

Nudibranchs are plenty in the Filipino waters if you know where and how to look for them 🙂 The show-off of colours is simply amazing. I must admit that I’ve never seen any other animal family with such a range of colours. And there are still more to discover!
This lovely nembrotha posed for me during a safety stop around Balicasag island.
Counting the hours…