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xmas tree

Christmas is approaching and I still haven’t figured out which greeting card to send. First I focused on a photocomposition , then I went through my photos to find the right one. There are far too many. But then I came across this cold water shot. Good, cold water goes with Christmas, at least here in Luxembourg. And on top, I don’t need any composition. There is actually a Christmas tree standing in 12 m depth in the Blausteinsee. It’s a magic tree…as you get closer the more you discover the crayfish who call it home. After taking this picture from the top of the tree I counted the crayfish , there were more than 20 on it ! Once again it was a wise decision to take a closer look.

My wishes to all of you for the new year? Take close looks wherever you go…, there might be some magic hidden crayfish around…and who knows they might turn into a prince …or princess.