External HD and iPad

Photography, Travels

I waited quite a long time before I purchased an iPad. Essentially because I was missing a way how to store/watch photos I take during a trip an the iPad. Even at 64gb the storage is ridiculous if you shoot raw files.
After some research I bought the Hyperdrive . This model allows you to upload your pics directly to the device via card slots and you can view them on a small screen. The newer model works via USB. I was eager to see how it worked with my freshly purchased iPad! And it works great!
Only drawback : you can download your pics and videos to the iPad ( they show up in the Photo app) but you can’t save stuff from your iPad to the Hyperdrive.
That’s why I am impatiently waiting for another gadget from hypershop.com : the iusbport. This little device creates it’s own WIFI network where ever you are! You can then transfer files to several devices ( 2 way flow). I’ll let you know more about that soon!


Here you can see the size compared to an eye-phone 🙂

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