Out for an ice dive!

Photo of the day

Hello all.

Let me introduce myself! My name is Play. I’m Mona’s dive buddy. I was really excited as she promised me a dive under the ice. I know quite a few spots in Asia so far but she never took me under the ice!

Mobil was excited too! He is Chris’ dive buddy and we spend a lot of good moments together. So this morning we were both geared up and ready to dive!

Unfortunately the dive got cancelled this morning 😦
They didn’t tell us why but they spent the whole evening with other human friends. They ended up around some strange liquid they call Zacapa Ron

We don’t know what this liquid contains but they looked desperately tired this morning and decided all to cancel the dive…Well at least they accompanied us to the spot where we could watch some other human divers get under the ice.

Well maybe some other time soon! My human friends are strange!!!

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