Perfect moment – Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands have always been a mythic place to me. Back in 1999, we were travelling Ecuador up and down and we managed to get a 8 day trip to the famous islands in the Pacific. I had seen numerous documentaries and was excited to set foot on the islands.

What impressed me most was the fact that all these wild animals showed no fear. You could get really close to watch them. No tele lens needed.They checked us with one eye and accepted us in their world. The only place where I have a similar feeling is underwater. I love diving for a lot of different reasons but the fact that you can get face to face within touching distance with wild animals in their habitat is one of the main reasons.

Some of the habitants of the Galapagos islands seemed to have skipped several stages during the evolution. Oh yes, Darwin was here and put up his famous theory!

Well, watch for yourself!

As we entered the year of the dragon…here are some of them



meeting up with friends…

This huge old turtle is the king of the island : Lonsome George

Here one of my favourite encounters. A young Galapagos albatross. He still has to wait a bit to get rid of his teenager face and to be able to fly :-

I can’t but think that it is a huge privilege to witness nature that way : close up but with respect. The balance is fragile…

I will never forget the look in these eyes…

These animals never had a reason to fear men . Let’s hope we don’t prove them wrong!

More pics : Ecuador&Galapagos 1999

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