About diving and watching…

diving, My Point of View

Most of you must think now while reading the title : well there’s nothing new! We know that you love diving and watching the underwater world! True! I do! But sometimes it’s good to be reminded…
We arrived last Thursday here in Nuweiba, Egypt to have 2 weeks of diving with Sarah and Daniel at African Divers. I left home with a big cold which didn’t seem to surrender. Having my 2 ears and the sinuses completely blocked I stayed on the beach the first 2 days reading and rising my score in “Angry Birds”…
Yesterday I was already sunburnt and decided to give it a try with my “Mickey Mouse Mask” also known as “ProEar mask”.
All dives around Nuweiba are shore dives so the entry is smooth and you can easily control your depth.
The dive spot was ” Sinkers”. A buoy dropped by the Israelis long ago, but with the chain being too short of about 15m. So the top of the buoy supposed to be out of water hovers at -9m in the blue. It’s all beautifully grown with soft corals and fishes around.



I’ve dived this spot a couple of times already but was never really happy with my out coming shots.
Yesterday I left my camera home as I was not sure at all to be able to get deeper than 2 m.
At my surprise I ended up at Sinkers at -26m and slowly followed the 2 big chains. I took my time, watched all the way up and spent lots of time at the buoy itself. The diver’s bubbles fill it up from below which creates a wonderful mirror effect. On top you’ll find numerous anthias and a huge barracuda cruising around.
At that moment I realised that I never really took the time to watch this buoy calmly before. I saw things and details I’ve missed out before!
I can’t wait to get back there with my camera in hands now…

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