Festival de l’image sous-marine Antibes

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Last week took place the 35th Festival de l’Image sous-marine in Antibes, southern France. This was a great opportunity to get away from the freezing temperatures around here in Luxembourg and to drive south 1000km.

Festival mondial de limage sous-marine

Festival mondial de l'image sous-marine

I had also organised to meet an online buddy from Digidiver.net there, Thomas Vignaud aka Autopsea. It’s always interesting and funny to meet people you only know from the net for real. Concerning Thomas it was a great day to meet as he won the first prize in the photo competition as well as the prize of young photographer with his great turtle shot.

the winning shot!

the winning shot!

I believe he needs some time to completely realise what happened to him. And this is only the beginning, I’m sure!

Thomas with his Oscar

Thomas with his "Oscar"

The day after you could even find his turtle on the front page of the newspapers.

interesting reading

interesting reading

You can check out more of Thomas’ beautiful work on his flickr account and find him as well as moderator on www.digidiver.net

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