Upper Sure Lake


This week-end we had great weather around here. Chilly temperatures but lots of sunshine. All in all a great autumnal week-end. After a couple of dives with OW students I decided to go for a dusk dive with Rocky. A great occasion t o try out my new Woody’s diopter which arrived a couple of days ago. Visibilty was great during the day but had now dropped dramatically to less than a mere meter at times!!!

European perch

Nevertheless the outcome was better than reality. That’s often the case when I take photos here in the lake. While watching the pictures Rocky said that he would have loved to be on the same dive than me. LOL

Dark angel - crayfish

My bed for tonight

It really depends on how you are looking at things and very often they look much nicer through the lens.

I love the sand!

I love the sand!

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