Dauin – Black sand and full moon

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Hi everybody,

we spent 4 amazing days diving in Dauin, our last stop on our island hopping trip with Sea-Explorers in the Philippines. The Pura Vida Resort is a great place to dive and relax. The Luca sanctuary is a housereef dive. With the full moon the current got stronger and action was amazing.

seahorse dauin

Car wreck is another dive.

car wreck



3 thoughts on “Dauin – Black sand and full moon

  1. Hi there,

    I’m currently trying to organise a trip for my Dive Club, and the Sea Explorers Island Hopping package looks good.

    From your photos (which are excellent, BTW!), it looks like you had a great time! Any problems along the way? Or tips for me as organiser?

    If you’d be prepared to correspond via email with me, I’d be very grateful for any advice you have!



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