BOOT 2008


Finally I found some time to go through the few photos I took at the show.

Some details to start with :

During 9 days 279.000 visitors from 65 countries came to the show this year.
1.699 professionals from 57 countries exposed their latest stuff from luxury yachts to pink coloured fins. This all took place in 17 halls covering 220.000 square meters.

Now you might understand why my feet were hurting at the end of the day!

One of our first stop was at the Indonesian stand where we meet our friends, Jochen and Jeannette from the Selayar dive resort.


from left to right in the front: Chris, Vicky and me. In the back Jochen, Cathy, Olivier and Jeannette.

We had great fun and almost booked another trip to Selayar!

I had then a VERY important meeting with Klaus, the owner of He’s the closest ike dealer to Luxembourg and very helpful . About 10 different people from Luxembourg visited his stand during the day, all saying : I’m one of Mona’s friend.


I for myself held my order in my hands…the 8″dome port for the 7-14mm lens. At that moment I knew I had a major luggage problem.
Crying or Very sad
But Klaus knew where to send us


Upon Kristin’s request I looked for their stand and we had a great chat with Marcus. Exmouth is definitely on my never ending list…


Here’s a aerial view of one part of the diving hall


Next year takes place the 40th BOOT from January 17 to 25.

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