Off to the BOOT show 2008 and the Red Sea


Hi everybody

The countdown is running. I leave this week-end to Düsseldorf , Germany to one of the world’s biggest dive shows. I’m happy to meet Jochen and Jeannette from the Selayar Dive Resort in South Sulawesi. They really have become friends . I usually don’t want to use the term”a home far away from home”, but here I can’t really find  better words. I have a lot of people to meet but I try not to walk too much as I deal with a sprain in the right foot. SHOULD i TELL YOU THAT THIS HAPPENED DURING AN EFR COURSE!?!

After the show I will directly leave to Frankfurt, spend the night with great friends close to the airport and leave early  on Monday morning to Marsa Alam. By then I hope that my ankle would be good enough to get into my booties and go diving.

We’ll stay in the southern most dive resort in Egypt. Hamata is a small village down south far away from all the hustle bustle in Hurghada or elsewhere. The reefs are known to be pristine.

The Zabargad Dive Resort is a 3 star resort , no TV nor special themed evenings (sigh).

I read quite different comments about it from people being sick all week due to sanitary problems to people who loved it. This was the challenge!!! I had to find out by myself. So if you don’t hear anything from me before February 4 there are only 3 options

  1. I’m dead sick and can’t leave the toilet for a minute
  2. I’m fine but there’s no Internet connection
  3. There’s  Internet connection but everything is so great that I don’t want to loose my time in front of a computer 😀

You can call me crazy, I know I am.

In addition to all this I’m really excited to try out my new photo gear such as my new wide angle (7-14mm) or the x2 teleconverter with the 50mm macro lens. Right now I’m eager to get everything packed well which is some kind of hassle as my hand luggage is slightly over-weighted. That’s why I’m happy Olga is joining us on the trip. She’s diving but isn’t into photography (yet). She has a nice heavy hand-luggage to carry 🙂

Chris will use the E-900  while I will venture deeper to the dark side with the Oly E-410

More about the results after February 5

Go and get wet!

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