Wallpaper – January


wallpaper january

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It’s early morning in Burma. The Inle Lake is still covered in mist. The first glimpses of the sun start to break through. Life takes place on the lake, from dawn to dusk. This special morning our guide brought us to one of the markets. We crossed many of those men on their boats using this unique one leg rowing technique .

Such a beautiful, mystic setting, … in one of the most oppressive military dictatorships of the world. We were discussing it all over again and again : Should we go there? Support the generals?

In the end we decided to go with one objective in mind : giving most of our money to the people and only the strict minimum to the junta.

When I remember the people I met I knew it was right to go there. They count on us . As most of them said : If you don’t talk about us, who will?

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