Packed and ready to go!

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Sunset over Komodo NP

Sunset over Komodo NP

All the bags are packed for our 3 weeks trip around Flores island. I think we really reduced our luggage to a strict minimum :
Chris’ and my bags weight 20 kg each!

This includes :

  • all dive equipment such as BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins, booties,snorkel, gloves, reef hook  🙂
  • strobe arms, housing handles and all cables for the cameras
  • a bit of clothes such as 3 pants and 4 T-Shirts
  • Lots of Anti -Nyamuk!
Ze bags

Ze bags

An Explorer hard case (15kg) contains the 2 Ike housings.

Well, no need to tell you that our hand luggage  goes slightly over the 7 kg we are allowed to 🙂 But with 10 kg in each bag I find it quite reasonable for a laptop, 2 cameras, as for me I take the 18-200mm lens for topside shots. A 60mm and 105mm macro and the 10-17mm Tokina wide angle and 2 Ike strobes. Chris carries a 50mm macro, a 2x TC , his brand new 14-54mm lens and 2 Ike strobes too. I carry a Canon compact camera for the eventual snapshot during surface interval

Here an old slide picture I took in 2003 around Komodo with my old Sea&Sea MII. The image quality is crap to non-existent, but you can see why I’m eager to get back diving there. Healthy reefs and lots of life!

sharkfamily in Komodo

shark family in Komodo

If internet connections allow I will keep you updated on a daily basis on the adventures around Flores.