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Voila tout est fini! il est temps que je vous dévoile ma sélection de ce Championnat. Pas facile de se mettre dans le bain quand on n’a pas eu le temps de faire quelques plongees de reperage…mais bon. C’était une très belle expérience!
Well all is over now and it’s finally time to show you my selection for this championship. it wasn’t easy as we didn’t have much training before, but it was a great experience.

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La competition – the competition

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La deuxième journée était plus belle et nous a également permis de sortir l’appareil photo sur le bateau pour documenter le déroulement de la journée.
Nous étions 11 photographes avec leurs assistants, ce qui fait beaucoup de bordel!
The second day was nice and warm so we were able to take a few shots on the boat in order to document the life on the boat. We were 11 photographers with their assistants which makes a lot of stuff!

Les cartes mémoires nous sont données sur le bateau par l’organisation. D’ailleurs on n’a pas le droit de toucher a l’appareil sans leur présence.
The memory cards are handed over by the organisation team on the boat. They also check all handling of your cameras.

Voici les photos de la procédure
Here some pictures of this procedure

et la premiere photo du responsable
and the first shot of the referee

Festival de L’Image Sous-Marine Marseille 2010

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The Luxie delegation :)

The Luxie delegation 🙂

We spent a great time in Marseille during the last week. The Festival de l’Image Sous-Marine is not only a photo contest as a lot of people think. It features lots of films (short and long) all around the underwater world. The screening of these films starts on Wednesday and goes through to Saturday. Sunday is the last day of the festival when all winning films and photos are showcased.

Concerning the films, I had 3 favourites in the lot I’ve watched :

In the Dragon’s Lair is a incredible documentary on giant Nile crocodiles in the clear waters of the Okavango Delta.

The Great White sharks of Guadalupe is one of 5 documentaries of Adventure Ocean Quest. A series produced by the German ZDF. This film won Gold this year in Marseille. It’s just wonderful to see these 3 freedivers in the water with the Great Whites.

Under The Pole makes you freeze right on your chair! Diving under the ice of the North Pole  carrying all the stuff over the shelf! Wow, what an adventure!

My Mr.Hungry and Chris’ lionfish placed both 23th in the colour category

Mr. Hungry

Mr. Hungry

lion mirror

lion mirror

Here are our B/W images  which placed 18th





The winners :

The B&W’s

Concerning the photo competition, Lots of people have contacted me to get the complete list of results. Here they are :