Morgane & Marc’s wedding day

Here is a sneak preview on some pictures I took during Morgane’s and marc’s wedding this weekend. It was a magic day with great poeple and excellent food which logically conveyed to the fabulous atmosphere. I wish you all the best you can think of, my friends. I was very happy to actively contribute to this important event in capturing it with my camera for you. I couldn’t have thought of a better gift for your big day!
Voici une petite impression des photos que j’ai prises lors du marriage de Morgane et Marc ce weekend. C’était une journée magique avec des gens extraordinaires et un repas excellent ce qui a logiquement conduit à une atmoshere fabuleuse. Je vous souhaite tout le meilleur imaginable mes amis. J’étais très heureuse de contribuer activement à cet évémenent important en le capturant avec mon appareil photo. Je ne pouvais pas imaginer de plus beau cadeau pour votre “Big Day”


Nightsky photography

Nightsky or astrophtography needs some technical knowledge and a lot of patience, but above all :

Just walk out of your home,
in the middle of the night,
in search of the darkest place nearby,
lift your eyes towards the starry sky,
and admire the endlessness of the universe


A stroll though the Dutch city of Utrecht

I had the chance to travel for 2 days to Utrecht in the Netherlands, a city I didn’t know at all. I took me by surprise. I love walking near the charming the Oudegracht (the old canal).

At night the city is amazinly well lit. A light trail, called trajectum lumen guides you through the city to colourful spots

Then, there are the bikes, like anywhere else in the Netherlands…

If you want to see all the pictures you’ll find them here : Utrecht – My set on flickr


Wall of Sound & Light

I’ve just come back from this great show in Esch-sur-Sure. A vivid, colourful projection of crazy shapes and patterns on the wall of the dam. This wall is 200m large and 45m high. What a screen and what a setting!

All this came with wonderful music played live on spot.

Watch for yourself!