I want your opinion :)

Chosing one single shot is giving me sleepless nights! I need your help and opinion on the following pictures. Tell me which one is your favourite. You can click on the image to get a larger view 🙂

Some friends reported problems while trying to vote via IE. Firefox and iPhones seem to work just fine

Thank you all for your participation

7 thoughts

  1. Hi there! All pictures are great! I like the Blenny one best. The nudi ones might have strong competition (many people might send a similar one in). Mr. Hungry is very cool, too, but I think the “What’s up” is the best 😉

    All the best from Nuweiba 😉


  2. Ok so I finally voted, for Mr Hungry as I love that pic but and froggies generally, it’s the best I can come up with 🙂 can we have four more to vote on please? 


  3. They are all beautiful, but for me the choice would not be hard: for sure Mr Hungry!
    This one is not only beautiful, but also very original. Nice pics of nudi’s and fish you see so often, but this one is really rare.


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