Photo of the Day – July 6

Photo of the day

A frozen world

What means travelling to you? Escape? Discovery? Exotism? Farniente? Adventure?
I think there are as many different meanings of travel than people who travel. For me it can be all of the above.
And then there are these magnetic places. Nothing to do with latitudes, but with your very own soul. Places which catch you and will never leave you. They fullfill you with memories for years, very often for your whole life. You never know beforehand when you put your feet into such a place but from the moment you do, I’ll know for sure! What best descibes this feeling is a kind of harmony and peace which fills up your heart ,your body and your brain.
One of these precious places to me is Antartica. We were lucky to catch a cruise to the Antartic peninsula more than 2 years ago. To me it seems like yesterday and I live with the certainty that I will be back there, at least once, for sure…

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – July 6

  1. what you describe exactly summs up what India means to me – I was not struck by not one place in particulary (although I LOVED Ooty and Mysore and …) but by a general sense of well-being and happiness and harmony all-round. It’s pretty a pretty special kind of treat wherever you experience it… Sulawesi next 🙂 Cath


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